NoDa Brewing: Charlotte’s Newest New Brewery

Noda Brewing Company

A few days ago, I wrote that Charlotte’s newest brewery, Birdsong Brewing, would likely find a home in Charlotte’s NoDa area later this year.

It seems they’ll have company, as Charlotte’s newest new brewery, NoDa Brewing Company, will start pouring pints later this fall. The brewery’s founders, Suzie and Todd Ford, think Charlotte beer drinkers are ready to embrace more craft breweries.

“When given the chance, Charlotteans have chosen to support locally made craft beer,” Suzie said. “With only two production breweries currently in a city the size of Charlotte, we saw an opportunity to bring our passion for craft beer to the Queen City and surrounding areas.”

The Fords are currently planning for a location on North Davidson St., not far from Amelie’s bakery. This location will house the brewery as well as a taproom, where you will be able to have a beer or take beer home in a growler. NoDa Brewing will offer brewery tours, live music and other special events.

“NoDa is known for being the creative center of Charlotte and we believe that crafting unique beers is a natural extension of NoDa’s artistic spirit,” Suzie said. “What better place to call home?

The Fords have been homebrewing for many years, and will continue to craft small batches so that they may offer a variety of beers to Charlotte beer drinkers.

“Being a very small production brewery with a tap room allows us the flexibility to introduce many different styles and recipes without committing a large amount of our brewing resources,” Suzie said. “One of the ideas we are incorporating into our tap room is a weekly unique crafted small batch brew, only available at our tap room. This ‘weekly brew’ will showcase beer styles & flavors to the public in small quantities that otherwise would not be possible on a larger scale.”

The Fords will brew styles like porters, American pale ales and India pale ales with a “Northwestern feel.” They also hope to brew seasonals, like imperial stouts and witbiers.

The Fords will brew all of these beers on a 10 barrel system that will allow them to brew their signature and seasonal beers. Though they expect to outgrow the 10 barrel system at some point, they maintain that their current space in NoDa will allow for future growth, whether in the form of extra fermenting tanks or a bottling or canning line.

“Bottles, or more likely cans, are in the plan but a few years down the road,” said Suzie. “At that time, we will look at the best way to package our beer that’s friendly both to the beer quality and the environment.”

Until that time, you’ll be able to find NoDa Brewing’s beers at the taproom in NoDa, and also at local bars and restaurants. To follow NoDa Brewing’s progress as they build their brewery, be sure to “like” their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.


  1. Awesome! Todd makes great brew people. Get behind the local beer movement!

  2. Todd’s breakfast stout is incredible. Can’t wait to take home a growler!

  3. Todd’s beer Rocks! I am so excited for the two of you. I am looking forward to supporting your brewery!

  4. These brews are much anticipated. Congrats todd and Suzie!

  5. Looking forward to a new hometown brewery that makes different beers and will have a cool atmosphere. Their apricot beer, among others, is very tasty.

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