Birdsong Brewing to expand into Western North Carolina market

Birdsong Brewing Charlotte

Birdsong Brewing

We get so much good Asheville beer here in Charlotte that it only seems fair to share. Birdsong Brewing just announced in a press release their plans to distribute into Western North Carolina via an agreement with Skyland Distributing Company.

While the brewery plans to continue self-distributing its beer locally, they have partnered with Skyland to distribute their beers primarily in the Asheville area (and in counties west of Gaston Co. as well). In the press release, brewery manager Chris Goulet described the move as “a natural extension of our brand in an area that feels like a second home to us.”

Indeed, the brewery’s name came after Goulet and his wife mistook head brewer Conor Robinson’s snores for birdsong while staying at a hostel in Asheville (learn how other Charlotte breweries got their names here).

Of course, the city is seen as one of the best beer markets in the state. Birdsong will join that market in May, when kegs of their most popular beers — including Free Will Pale Ale, Lazy Bird Brown Ale and Jalapeño Pale Ale — begin hitting bars. Cans of those last two will make their way to Asheville as well, and some of the breweries seasonals should follow later.


  1. Brandon says:

    Hi there Daniel I thought this was an interesting post. Do you know how any of the new regulations will affect the Charlotte breweries? It seems like smaller operations (but that doesn’t mean they don’t make fantastic beer) like Free Range will be mostly unaffected but Birdsong, Unknown, and NoDa Brewing Co. will be forced to hire out more and more distributors?