Charlotte Oktoberfest postponed until 2017

Charlotte Oktoberfest

The Carolina BrewMasters, a local homebrew club that presents the Charlotte Oktoberfest every year, has announced today there will be no 2016 festival. In an announcement they cited a number of issues in finding a suitable site for this year’s festival, including “construction, parking, safety, and other nearby events.”

It’s sad news, not only because such a popular and well-run festival is taking a hiatus but also for all the good the BrewMasters do with the proceeds from the festival. You can read about those in the full announcement from the Carolina BrewMasters, available here.


  1. I hate to hear this for so many reasons. Hoping 2017 is worth the wait.

  2. Mark Hammil says:

    That totally sucks. Couldn’t find an alternate spot?! Sounds lazy to me.