Alternative Beverage

Tucked away in the Sleepy Poet Antique Mall sits Alternative Beverage, one of Charlotte’s oldest homebrew stores. A small sign on the side of the non-descript, brick building off of South Boulevard is the only indication that just about anything needed to brew beer lies within. Alternative Beverage stocks many homebrew supplies. Brewing beer?

At Alternative Beverage, you can find all of the equipment to brew it as well as the ingredients themselves. You can purchase your malt, hops and yeast separately or choose to go with one of the many pre-packaged kits that the store offers. Need to bottle or keg your beer? Alternative Beverage has all of the homebrew supplies necessary for this as well.

And it’s not just beer. This Charlotte homebrew store also carries a nice selection of concentrates to make wines and ciders. There are four locations: one on South Blvd. in Charlotte; a warehouse in Belmont; “Beer & Wine Hobbies Int’l” in Mooresville; and the newest, Beer and Wine Hobbies in Monroe.

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  1. Making Wine, I have a bumper grop of Muscadine , 7.00/ gallon or 35.00 per 5 gallon.
    You pick for 5.00 per gallon or 25 for 5 gallons…. Larry 803 286 9991 Heath Springs SC

  2. Spencer Corkery says:

    Do you guys sell just screw on bottle caps?

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