Lil’ Robert’s Place (Concord, NC)

Lil' Robert's Place

Lil’ Robert’s Place is a beer bar and craft beer store located in downtown Concord. There are 20 rotating taps if you want to have  a beer there while enjoying the live music that’s often playing, or you can choose from hundred of bottles of craft beer to drink there or take home.

With its plush chairs and sofas, Lil’ Robert’s Place is a great spot to hang out and enjoy craft beer – especially if you’re in the Concord area.


Find Lil’ Robert’s Place and other Charlotte beer stores on the Charlotte beer map.


  1. I went to Lil’ Roberts Place a couple a years ago and will never go back. Was with a friend and a belligerent, drunken, man started hitting on her. She clearly wasn’t
    interested yet he kept on. He proceeded to touch her and she told him to stop. Dude was doing the same thing to the female bartenders. I went to Robert himself and told him what was going on. His response?
    “What, are you jealous he’s not touching/feeling on you?”

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