Southern Spirits

Southern SpiritsLike Frugal MacDoogal, Southern Spirits is a beverage warehouse containing not only beer, but also a large selection of wine and liquor. As such, their craft beer selection — which can be found by navigating cases upon cases of Bud, Miller and Coors products — isn’t always as interesting as that of the smaller beer stores in the area. Most of the flagship craft beers and big names are here, and often times more limited beers will stick around here long after they’ve sold out at other Charlotte beer stores.

Because they buy in such bulk, Southern Spirits’ prices are often some of the best in the area. Yes, they’re technically in Fort Mill, SC, but that’s really a short drive from Ballantyne. Because they’re in South Carolina, they’re also able to fill growlers. Southern Spirits and Frugal MacDoogal both installed growler stations recently.


Find Southern Spirits and other Charlotte beer stores on the Charlotte beer map.


  1. Keith Haze says:

    Hello there, my name is Keith and I am the new beer buyer at Southern Spirits. I have done a total reset, we are now featuring a huge selection of craft beer in both bomber and six pack form. You do not have to navigate past anything to find them, they are all over the place. I hope you come in and see for yourself.

    • Daniel says:

      Hey Keith,

      Thanks for the comment! I hope you didn’t take any offense to the line about navigating through cases of “the big three,” as it was really just a tongue-in-cheek reference to the sheer amount of those beers you carry. I know you guys have always had a nice selection of craft as well, and I look forward to checking it out now that you’ve done a reset.



      • Keith Haze says:

        No offense taken Daniel, once you take three steps inside you will see what I mean, as now you will have to navigate to even find the big three :). Would love to have you come by and show you you my thematic and dramatic reset.


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