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  1. We are a drinking group with a serious running problem, with a strong and habitual liking for locally crafted fine beers at the end of our events. We are not your typical running club in that our events are more like a treasure hunt, puzzle solving , chase a rabbit …full tilt boogie sweat fest…(we also have what we call a walkers trail too). We place beer stops (low gravity run friendly beers) along the way or have our runs go past breweries and bars for a refreshing frosty beverage mid run.

    Last week we organized our event with a mid run beer stop at Triple C Brewery. ! Hats off to them !

    This weeks run, Sunday the 29th, is in Ballantyne. We like to have you and your readers come check us out sometime. http://www.carolinahashing.com for details.

    We love the Charlotte Beer web site! Your daily beer specials page helps organize our running events so that we end up near a pub/bar serving what we love best.

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