D9 Brewing Company’s Grand Opening in Cornelius

D9 Brewing Company

Call it the brewing district.

The small office park off Bailey Road in Cornelius was already home to Ass Clown Brewing, and now a new nanobrewery has moved in just a few doors down. District 9 Brewing Company (D9 for short) will open their doors during a launch party on Friday, Nov. 8. They are located at 18627 Northline Drive, Unit E in Cornelius.

For several months, the founders of D9 Brewing Company — Andrew Durstewitz, John Ashcraft and Aaron Burton —  have been building out their small taproom and brewery space. The three have been homebrewing for roughly six years each and won’t have much of a learning curve as far as the brewing goes, as they’ll be brewing on a small one-barrel system that is essentially an advanced homebrewer’s setup (though they would like to expand to a 10-barrel system later).

The name of the brewery was inspired by movies like “District 9” and “The Hunger Games,” both films in which people revolted against the powers at be. The founders think that craft beer can serve to unite people and build community, and they hope to do just that in their small Cornelius taproom.

The brewery’s flagship beer will be the Battle Hymn Black IPA, while other year-round beers will include #12, a witbier; Outpost Tea Ale, a pale ale brewed with black tea; and Peruvian Ale, a light-bodied chocolate ale. They will brew a variety of seasonals, such as their Head of the Horseman Imperial Pumpkin, which will be on tap when they open their doors on Friday, Nov. 8.

If you cannot make the launch party, the brewery will be open every Friday from 7-10:30 p.m. For more information, visit D9 Brewing’s website and check out the Official Launch Party on their Facebook page.

D9 Brewing Company's Taproom in Cornelius

D9 Brewing Company's Taproom in Cornelius

Ass Clown Brewing Company comes to Charlotte, NC

Ass Clown BrewingWith new breweries like Birdsong Brewing and Noda Brewing coming to Charlotte this year, it was only a matter of time before some Ass Clown followed in their footsteps.

Well, that time is here. Ass Clown Brewing Company hopes to open in Cornelius later this year.

“The name ‘Ass Clown’ came from a co-worker and I calling each other ‘ass clowns’ at work,” said Matt Glidden, founder and brewer of Ass Clown Brewing. “Even though we have an odd name, we take our beer seriously.”

Matt takes beer so seriously, in fact, that he brews almost every night. He’s brewed for eight years, and yet rarely does he repeat the same recipe.

“I want a brewery that does not put profits in front of quality,” Matt said. “I want a beer that I can trust its ingredients. I want flavors from ingredients that are grown in NC.  We are going to always look for an odd flavor, and always experiment with recipes in small batches to achieve flavors that are not currently out there.”

You can see this desire for experimentation in Ass Clown’s premier beers, such as Poplar Brown Ale, Orange IPA, Dark Chocolate Blueberry Porter and Apricot Seed Pale Ale (these are not the final names of these beers). Matt roasts his own organic coffee, which he adds to coffee porters, and he also makes wine.

Matt wants Ass Clown to be known as much for sustainability as experimentation, and he hops to use alternative energy uses to brew his beers, which will feature organic ingredients and homegrown hops.

Right now, Matt is finishing up licensing and trying to find a home for his brewery in Cornelius. Initially, he plans to sell growlers and kegs, both to the public and local bars and restaurants. He does have a tasting room open in Cornelius at 17039 Kenton Drive, Suite 102. You can also sample Ass Clown Brewing Company’s beers at the upcoming Gastonia Grizzlies Beer Fest and NC Brewers & Music Festival, both of which will take place on May 14.